Tommaso Vali

Chief Silicon Engineering Officer

Tommaso Vali holds the position of Chief Silicon Engineering Officer at Openchip.

His career in the semiconductor industry spans over three decades, during which he has held significant roles such as Senior Director of IC Design at renowned companies like Texas Instruments, Micron, and Intel.

Throughout his career, Tommaso has been instrumental in defining and developing more than 30 IC designs that defined leading-edge product lines in NVM arena.

Leader with documented capability in setting up new design operations and drive them among the leading edge of their product domain.

In his career, he injected huge innovations in terms of architecture and features in the products designed with great capability to balance innovation with execution.

His innovative contributions to the field have earned him the distinction of being the inventor named in 269 U.S. patents. These patents predominantly cover areas such as the memory domain and compute-in-memory analog and digital circuits.

In addition to his practical contributions, Tommaso has also made significant academic contributions to the field. He has published 20 technical papers in IEEE and has delivered seminars at major Italian universities.