Director Software Engineering

As leader of OPENCHIP & SOFTWARE TECHNOLOGIES Software Design group, you will support the design and manufacture our next-generation, high-performance, power-efficient processor, system-on-chip (SoC) AI accelerators software environment. The target product is a series of AI-specific semiconductor systems designed to deliver low power consumption and high-performance chips providing efficiency in machine learning and deep learning applications. These chips are used in various industries, including HPC, security, manufacturing, mobility, automotive, and more.
As Director of the Software Engineering group, you will build a strong software group designing and delivering SW solutions to meet complex design and architectural challenges in AI acceleration H/W environment. You will deliver AI software solutions in line with product roadmap, involved in cross-function team interaction and engagement with various hardware and software groups.
·Solid management and leadership team experience. Strong project management background with complete lifecycle management of software projects written in C++/Python.
·Good understanding of modern software development life cycle stages – design, implementation, documentation, and testing of software code implementing product features and requirements.
·A deep knowledge of OS/driver software stacks, e.g., Linux.
·Understanding of tiling, scheduling, memory allocation, and graph optimizations in the context of AI models.
·Experience with AI frameworks, AI models, and applications for these models.
·Proven record of enabling AI accelerator using AI frameworks like TensorFlow, PyTorch, ONNXRT, TVM, MLIR
·Strong understanding of the implementation of key ML operations like GEMM, CONV
·Understanding of the flow of AI model optimization techniques like quantization, sparsity, etc.
·Knowledge of AI/ML frameworks of one of the following PyTorch, Tensor flow, TVM, JAX, etc.
·Knowledge of Acceleration platforms like GPU, TPU, NPU, FPGAs.